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Strain Relief for EZ-RJ45 Cat 5e

Model: 083-PLT-100036

Prolong patch cord life Maintain bend radiuses required for standards compliance  Terminations have a professional finished look  No more snags or hang ups, causing tangled messes Easier to unlock the connector when unplugging from jack/port The innovative Snag Proof Strain Relief is designed specifically to be crimped with the EZ-RJ45 plugs.

Two Patent Pending versions are offered for both the Cat5/5e and the Cat6 plugs. The primary strain relief of the plug locks the snag proof strain relief in place so they will not pull off, creating one, integral assembly. Once crimped, this design allows the plug's primary strain relief to relax slightly, preventing the cable pairs from being over compressed. This decrease in stress contributes to achieving peak performance. The tab on the strain relief is designed to extend over the plug's locking tab, making it snag proof when administering patch cords.Applications: Maintain bend radiuses, especially on stranded cable. For an installation that requires a professional & finished look.


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