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Alert Programmable Dialer

Model: 180-CEE-AD-134

Emergency Alert Unit. Discrete automatic dialing device designed to dial a emergency number to alert called party and allow discrete monitoring of site. Unit designed with power switch instead of handset or pushbutton to "Camouflage" device.

The AlertDialIt1.0-34 offers discrete notification for emergency help or assistance. This device is ideal for police locations, bank tellers, guard gates, security
stations, jewelry stores, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies,  pawn shops, customer service locations and other areas that may need to alert for

The AlertDialIt1.0-34 is a discrete automatic-dialing device designed to blend into the office/building environment. It is essentially a telephone that “appears” to be a power switch.
Instead of a handset and hookswitch, it utilizes a power switch for activation, therefore camouflaging the emergency dial device. When the unit is activated, it automatically dials the
preprogrammed number. When the call is answered, the called party can monitor the surrounding area (approx. 5-10 feet) via the microphone which is mounted in the desktop environment.

There is no speaker; therefore, neither the dialing nor called party can be heard at the area of the unit.

The unit must be switched "off” again to reset. This unit is not intended to save or protect life or property. It is merely intended to assist responsible personnel during times of need.


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