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AT8L LAN Toner Modular Breakout Tone Generator

Model: 082-GR-AT8L

The LAN Toner is designed for the network installation and maintenance professional and can be used on any wiring system including datacom, telecom, security/alarm, audio and CATV. The AT8L LAN Toner has the unique feature of sending tone in addition to blinking hub, switch port, and PC activity lights for fast identification. To meet the diverse demands of the network professional, the AT8L incorporates a host of features including two selectable tone outputs for multiple-line identification, continuity testing, polarity indication for fast outlet identification, 8-position modular breakout tabs for testing both Datacom and Telecom, low battery indication and automatic shut- off to preserve battery life. Additionally, the LAN Toner includes both alligator clips and a modular plug and jack for multiple connection options. For ease-of-use, themo- dular plug is specifically designed to fit both a 6 and 8-position jack and there is a convenient wiring reference chart on the back of the product.
Tempo AT8L LAN Toner Modular Breakout Tone Generator Features: 
Blinks HUB, Switch Port, and PC activity lights for fast identification
Sends tone to identify wires
Selectable tone outputs for identifying multiple cable runs
Polarity Indication
Continuity Testing
8-position modular breakout tabs
Multiple connection options
Low Battery Indication
Automatic Shut-off


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