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Audio/Video KeyPad Flush Door Station

Model: 180-VES-DT603F-KP

Full stainless steel materials design;

ARS 105 visual degree high resolution Camera;

4mm plexiglass cover for protecting;

Keypad password access control;

Waterproof nameplate design with blue light background;

Anti-tamper screw installation;

DT31M voice message has two options,:

1, Under "leave message" mode, there is two default voice reminder. When vistor call and no answer, there will be a voice reminder said that tenant is not available.
The voice reminder can be updated. You can record your own voice and we could transfer the format and send back to you. Then you can update it by SD card.

2, Furthermore, the visitor can allow to leave a voice message. Each message can last for about 10 seconds

The DT31M's Pan-Tilt function works with fish-eye camera door station, which will be available December 2015



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