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CATV Broad Band Over UTP

Model: 063-BALUN-12

Broadband Video is a common name for the type of transmission that is used by cable television (CATV) systems. The audio is part of the same signal as the video, and multiple channels are carried on the same wire, in different frequency ranges. We offer both Standard and Ultra Broadband Video Baluns - these differ in the distance and maximum number of channels that can be transmitted over UTP cabling. These baluns have been used in the most demanding video environment there is, live-broadcast television studios. They'll work wonderfully for your application, as well.

Female "F" to RJ45 Jack (pins 4,5)    063-BALUN-12

Male "F" to RJ45 Jack (pins 4,5)         063-BALUN-12B

F 6" Tail to RJ45 Jack (Pins 4,5)        063-BALUN-12C 




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