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Hi Speed DSL Filter

Model: 180-TLD-LX-DSL4F

UL/ULC certified, the LX-DSL3F is the only one of its kind and filters out all noise associated with Hi Speed DSL Internet service. Unlike other DSL filters that filter out most of the noise, the LX-DSL3F filter stands alone and eliminates 100% of the DSL line noise.

Why is that important? Because as an security provider you want to be sure that the alarm system you install is never compromised by the DSL carrier. As a security provider in today’s competitive market you also need to be cost effective. When you dial up an alarm panel to make changes, no matter what the alarm panel’s make or model, you can connect everytime. What’s more is that with our auxilliary port, the LX-DSL3F DSL filter allows you to quickly and easily connect a butt set to facilitate on site troubleshooting. You could use this port to remove all other DSL filters on the phone sets throughout the premises, nice touch.


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