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Retractable Drywall Saw

Model: 082-GR-311

The Greenlee 311's retractable 6" blade retracts into the handle with the twist of a knob. The retractable blade provides convenience and safety. The blade can be easily and quickly changed to allow the user to use the saw with various materials, in many different applications. The saw is designed to accept most 6" (or shorter) standard reciprocating saw blades. Allowing for versatility and convenience.

  • Ergonomically Designed Handle-Designed for comfort, a sure grip and to allow force to be applied both on the push and pull stroke.
  • Blade Storage: The end of the handle can be removed to allow access to a blade storage area that can hold 2 additional blades.
  • Multiple Cutting Positions: The infinitely adjustable blade can be used at any length. The handle includes 3 hard stops that allow the blade to be adjusted to 2-1/4", 3-1/4" and 4-3/4" for hard sawing.
  • Jab Blade: The standard blade, or jab blade, includes a sharp point to allow the saw to be used as a standard jab saw. The split tooth design of the jab blade allows for the maximum cut with each stroke of the blade, both forward and back.
  • Two Blades included in kit: The kit includes both a jab blade and a bi-metal blade to help meet all your sawing needs.



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