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MagneSpot Cable Locator

Model: 000-MAG-MS800

The MAGNESPOT MS800 reference point locator is used to locate a Reference Marker through structure such as sheetrock or flooring.

Locates Reference Marker up to a distance to 3 inches or more
Reduces time and trips to the attic
Helps eliminate wall damage due to misplaced holes
Works well for speaker placement
Works well for can light replacement
This incredible tool will give you a return on your investment the first time you use it!. The Magnepull cuts wire fishing time by
Up to 70%! Eliminate multiple trips in and out of attics and crawl spaces. This amazing tool magnetically couples the cable-
Pulling device through drywall and allows technicians to have complete control. The system was developed to work with metal
Studs, wood studs, insulated walls, and even carpet! Great for Alarm, Cable, Satellite, Home Theater, Electrical, CCTV,
Access Control, DataComm, and any other type of installation where wire fishing is necessary.



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