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Structured Wire Can 15

Model: 055-RS-302

Structured Wire Can with Removable Door

If you’re looking for a component can with style, finesse, and a little elegance, look no further! We’ve engineered what we think is the ideal wiring can for in-wall applications. Our 055-RS offers a bright white finish made from 20-gauge stamped steel incorporated with a built in trim-ring making this the perfect can for finished areas. You’ll absolutely love these cans!

Beauty and the Beast

ATI offers two different types of enclosures for two different scenarios. Our 055-RS 302 and 303 with a spring-lock door is a rugged, beast of an enclosure. This wire can works great in unfinished areas but, for every beast there needs to be a little beauty! When you need to install a can within a living area and want something aesthetically appealing, the 055-RS 302 and 303 is the can for you. We dressed these boxes with a bright white finish which is completely paintable to match the colours within the room.

The built-in trim ring installs flush within a wall cavity. And, we’ve incorporated depth markers located on the side of the box to make recessed wall installations easy. These depth indicators make installation effortless when installing in drywall with a thickness between ½ in and ¾ in.


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