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Structure Wiring Can ABS 42

Model: 069-P4200

P4200 Structured Wiring Enclosure

Dimensions: Inside - H: 42" / W" 14" / D: 3.5"

The P200 Structured Wiring Enclosure brings reliability to the management of today’s inside cable system requirements. Its flexible design provides a convenient and centralized location for easy installation and distribution of multi-play services within residential and commercial premises.


Install and distribute multi-play services easily from one convenient and centralized location.
Eliminate interference with equipment such as a router’s wireless signal through the ABS polymer construction.
Enable easy installation and transportation with the lightweight design.
Increase flexibility of installation with a mounting-hole pattern that accommodates 1/4”, 1/2” and full length expansion modules in both vertical and horizontal configurations.
Have easier cable routing and entry with twelve 1” entry/exit ports and two additional 1/4” knock outs.
Simplify installation between standard 16” studs with the flush mount enclosure.
Reduce installation and repair downtimes and improve system access with a 180 degree hinged cover.
Accelerate servicing and expansion requirements with twelve,1” entry/exit ports and additional 1/4” knock outs and conduit adapters.
Enjoy compatibility with most standardized patch panels, voice, data, video, and audio quick connect distribution modules
Assure safety and durability with UL safety standard compliant, ABS Flame Retardant Polymer.


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