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TelePort Audio/Video Door Phone Entry

Model: 180-TLD-TP202XVC

TELEPORT SECURE is a powerful, next generation digital video and full audio communication surveillance encoder.

TELEPORT SECURE combines cutting-edge technology, including support for SIP, H.264 BP video, 2-way audio communications, PoE, best-in-class scalability, ease of integration and security. The unique incorporation of TCP/IP protocols creates sophisticated, flexible networking and remote control abilities.

TELEPORT SECURE features the advanced functionality of embedded analytics (including motion detection and video loss) and powerful pre-event recording.

TELEPORT’s flexible video management software enables users to monitor multiple environments in one easy to use application. The intuitive Teleport Smartphone interface lets users easily access, manage, view and record live video streams from the local device or a Cloud based centralized monitor station. Teleport also allows you to control external home devices, door entry, alarm settings and automation controls via Touch Tone DTMF in-band signalling.

With TELEPORT SECURE you never leave your home or business!


• Use Teleport Secure to keep an eye on an elderly parent or your children when they come home from school, with the simple push of a button they can establish a Teleport video call to you.

• You can setup Teleport Secure in convenient locations throughout the house and never lose touch with your loved ones.

• Setup Teleport Secure to notify you when your loved ones leave the house and/or when they return.

• Finally a product that will give you peace of mind about the people which mean the most in your life.


• Use Teleport Secure as a nanny cam. Watch and listen to your nanny as she cares for your children.

• Be sure to always communicate the proper instructions to your nanny, ensure they provide your children with the safest possible care.

• Use it in your baby’s room to listen in and communicate some loving words.


• Use Teleport Secure to keep an eye on your condo, when you’re at work or out of town. Are you always wondering if your superintendent or maintenance man is entering your condo when they aren’t supposed to be?

• As soon as someone enters your space you’ll be notified and you can talk directly to them, take control of your property.

• Now you can finally feel secure!


• Identify intruders with Teleport Secure as they approach your home.

• Communicate with a delivery or serviceman, when they need entry into your home.

• Keep a close eye on your children when they come home.

• Use the system when you’re inside the house as a video intercom.


• Use Teleport Secure to communicate with your staff when you’re not in the office.

• Keep in touch with your employees when you’re outside of the office, speak directly with them whenever necessary through the Teleport Secure speakerphone.

• Setup a HELP button for your employees to use when they need assistance.

• Use Teleport Secure at an unattended reception area, automatically directing a call to your company telephone system of your smartphone(s), establishing a Teleport

Secure video call.

• You can also place your Teleport Secure on the outside of either your front or back door, perfect for communication and protection.

• Bottom line, the Teleport Secure is a perfect tool to save you money and keep you in touch with your business

Audio Video Door Entry for use with Smart Intelligent Mobile Phones



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